Which Hair Styles Are Perfect For The Face Of Your Shape?

You have to study your face first before finding the perfect hairstyle for it. While it sounds a bit weird, it'll help you in determining the face of your shape. Pay attention to the width and length of your individual features and pull back your fringe. The most important dimensions you have to focus on is the width of your forehead, length of your face and the width of your cheekbones, chin and jawline.

When comparing these dimensions, you can figure out which face shape you have and commit to a hairstyle and hair cut that's most suitable to your individual proportions of your face.

Rectangle Face Shape

If you have this facial shape, you have to be conscious that you don't elongate your face further. The secret here is, ensuring that your face does not look longer than what it appears. Pompadours avoided, you have to go for more balanced hairstyles without much distinction between the sides as well as the top of your hair. Side part will also work well, working to lend bit of dimension to shorter hair length.

Oval Face Shape

You are quite lucky if you have an oval face shapes as the lengths are proportioned and could handle different lengths and hairstyles. Given that many pomade hairstyles fit the shape of the face, it is about your personal preference to how you style your hair. Conservative quiff also works nicely but, there's more room to experiment with modernized cuts and longer lengths.

Square Face Shape

You are working with strong jawline here which has to be emphasized. It is recommended to opt for an undercut which is going to make most of your distinctive features. Since this face shape is quite versatile with different kinds of hair, do not be afraid to experiment with other styles and lengths. It is best to have lots of volume when styling the hair so just focus more on fullness and add as much product as you like.

Heart Face Shape

When selecting a classic Hairstyle for this shape of face, keep in mind that you want to balance the top part of the face with the bottom so keep your hair proportion to your features. You have to concentrate on trying to be sure that your chin does not appear to be too narrow.

Diamond Face Shape

Side part works well for gentlemen with a diamond face shape so be sure that your hair is a bit messy and textured which is going to complement the features of your face better. An angular or textured fringe will even balance out wider proportions of your cheekbones with your forehead which lend more balanced aesthetic.